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How to know your watch need to replace battery?

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Knowing to replace watch battery in advance can avoide some trouble if the watch stop suddenly. The battery often can keep more than one year. The lifespan of battery is related to the watch core and the battery capacity. Bigger capacity battery has longer usage time. Three-pin or multi-pin watch will consume relatively large, but only a simple two-pin watch will last the longest. Then how to know your watch need to replace battery?

First, three-pin or multi-pin watch often has battery life indicator. When the battery is about to run out of, the voltage decrease. If this happens, you need to replace the battery in time.
Second, there should be battery replaced date on the back cover of your watch. You should note this when you purchase your watch
Third, watch light and alarm function consume a lot power. If your digital watch display bleak or no alarm, you should note this. It means that you need to change the battery.
By the way, replace the battery according to the original model. If you have to replace the battery frequently, you need to ask professionals to check your watch to make sure if there are problems.
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