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Tips for wearing watches at different occasions

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Wearing proper watch at different occasions can allow us to avoid embarrassment without losing style. If you only have one decoration - watch, you must know how to properly wear the watch. This is no doubt it is very important. Here today, we will share some tips for wearing watches at different occasions.

1. At work
Stainless steel watch will attract people's eyes at the conference table. But you should control the scales to show off.

2. At party
You need to wear a large watch to match casual clothes or t-shirt. Choose the polished stainless steel watch with big dial. It gives a relaxed feeling.

3. At formal occasion
If you need to attended the dinner or other formal occasions, it is better to wear a dignified and elegant watch. So that it is appropriate to match your blouse. Besides, the material of your watch should match the color of your cufflink.

4.  At sports
Maybe you have a high valuable Swiss watch with multi-functions, but it is not suitable for you when you are at sports. You should let it at home.
It is wise to pick a wear-resistant rubber sports watch so that you need not to worry it will break.

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